Visiting an Ancient Dublin Parish

Within every community in Dublin, there seems to be at least one beautiful church, and this was again confirmed as we walked through Portobello. Located on Harrington Street, there is St. Kevin’s Church, which is one of Dublin’s finest gothic-revival buildings. It’s a beautiful structure inside and out, as you can see from the photographs. The high arches and windows are a commanding presence amidst the relatively stout one and two-story homes of residential Portobello, and we were immediately drawn in to investigate. What we found inside was stunning: from the stained glass to the ornate details of the painted interior, we were moved to silence as we walked between the pews looking upward. A middle-aged woman whispered prayers to herself as she made the rounds of painted saints on the walls, crossing herself and dipping her head for each one. It was not until after our visit that we learned more of the long history of St. Kevin’s:

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