Bretzel Bakery, Portobello

One of our first stops exploring Portobello was the renowned Bretzel Bakery. Famous for their freshly baked in-house goods, the Bretzel attracts locals and visitors alike to Portobello. Although the bakery is tucked away from the main road on Lennox Street, it’s difficult to miss with the brightly painted storefront and emblazoned “Est. 1870” across the side of the building. And to make it even easier, the unmistakable smell of fresh bread from the oven can be picked up from a block away. The interior was beautifully modernized and made for an airy but cozy atmosphere where one could spend hours reading or working over coffee and one of their hand-made pastries. We soon settled in to a wonderful yet simple lunch with coffee as we read up on the long and rich history of the Bretzel that they proudly record in the front pocket of the table menu.

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